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There’s a reason why they call Lyttle the “feel -good” man. His eclectic  tracks can’t help but to make listeners feel warm as he bringswith him the island life, with a touch of SOCA (calypso music with elements of soul) to the dance floor.Lyttle broke through the mold back in traditional releasing of music and breaking into the industry in 2003 with his hit single “TurnMe On,” which topped charts around the world – the U. K., Germany, Italy France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland,Sweden, Norway, Austria, Australia, and on to the United States.After earning spots on MTV, Billboard’s Hot 100, and even signing a deal with Atlantic Records, his album went multi-platinum,selling over 2,000,000 copies in the beginning.

Kevin Lyttle

He went on to have two more songs, “Drive Me Crazy” and “Home for Carnival,” thathit number one on the charts for 2 consecutive years. Lyttle was, by all definitions of the term, a rising star.On January 1st, Kevin Lyttle released yet another smash hit. The track ‘Slow Motion’ lives up to its name with its provocative lyrics and Soca, R&B and Dance fusion. Kevin Lyttle is still beaming from the success of ‘Midnight’, a collaboration with Latin artist & songwriter, Nengo Flow, which peaked at no.1 on the Billboard Tropical chart in October 2016.Going into 2017, Lyttle has his eyes set on his next few projects. Singles from the Turn Me On 15th Anniversary album are currently being released and fans can expect a remaster of the original single with fellow Tarakon Records artist and original featured artist,Maddzart, as well as international artists features on French & Spanish versions when the album drops.
The album also contains the best of the best covers, remixes and remakes from fans. The most notable remake for 2016 being the cover by DJ trio Cheat Codes and Dutch producer Dante Klein, called “Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)” which has already been played over 110 million times on Spotify.
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