Janice Lyttle Foundation

On April 1st 2008, Ms. Janice Lyttle (mother of Soca Star and Vincentian Cultural Ambassador, Kevin Lyttle), died suddenly of heart disease at the age of 52. She did not previously suffer from symptoms of heart disease. A year later, after much research and trying to answer the question why, Kevin Lyttle and Dr. Jacqueline James adopted this cause by way of a Foundation in his mother’s name.

The Janice Lyttle Foundation for heart disease education and support is a non-profit organization founded on June 5th 2010 and serves all of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The foundation’s goal is to provide support and some funding for the education of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on hypertensive cardiovascular disease. We aim to help people to benefit from the great strides made in the treatment, detection and prevention of heart disease. This will be done through fund raisers and partnerships to assist in acquiring literature for the cause and medicine and equipment to be donated to the public hospitals and clinics throughout the country. These events will bring together health care professionals, survivors, entertainers, lecturers and the community to discuss the mission of eliminating heart disease and support for families of heart disease patients.

Although the foundation was created to help win the battle for heart disease, the mission will include serving the medical, health and well being needs of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as needed. The Foundation donated over half million US dollars worth of supplies and equipment to the Milton Cato hospital in St, Vincent and the Grenadines following the December 2013 disaster and in 2018 facilitated a mission by the Starkey Foundation to outfit residents of major cities in need of a hearing aid. The mission continues in 2021, partnering with the Global Empowerment Mission offering help in the disaster response for the ongoing St. Vincent Volcano eruptions.




Plane with Family Necessities Kits
Plane with Family Necessities Kits
Plane with Family Necessities Kits
$ 0
April 14, 2021


Volcano continues rocking Caribbean island of St. Vincent. UN appeals for international help
April 14, 2021


Hodges Bay Lends a Helping Hand
April 14, 2021


South Florida’s Caribbean Strong Organizes Relief Drive for St. Vincent Volcano Victims

PHASE 1: Disaster Relief

Global Empowerment Mission Bstrong in partnership with the Janice Lyttle Foundation and Aerial Recovery Group is responding in the first phase disaster response for the ongoing St. Vincent Volcano eruptions.On April 13. 2021 GEM delivered and distributed Family Necessities Kits to various shelters such as the Calliaqua Anglican Primary School Emergency Shelter, St Mary’s Roman Catholic School and the Kingstown Stadium through our ground partners, The Rotary Club of St Vincent South. In addition, GEM is working with St. Vincent’s Cultural Ambassadors who are hand delivering GEM bstrong Family Kits directly to homes across St Vincent.

On April 14, 2021 GEM shipped $623,080 of supplies consisting of 9,600 blankets, 46,080 hand sanitizers, 15,120 masks (kn95), 250 bags of rice (20lbs), 330 family necessity kits.These efforts are in coordination with Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves office and NEMO.

The Rotary Club is GEM’s official ground partner operating the warehouses for all our shipments and providing direct transport to all shelters on St. Vincent.On April 21, 2021 GEM will ship another batch of containers with 1000 Kits with other pertinent supplies.These efforts will continue throughout this first phase.Special thanks to Paul Graver, Rania Sassine, Sandy Lane Yacht Club, Hodges Bay Antigua, Star of the Seas, Chris Harding, Hodges Bay Antigua, Dr. Jackie PJ, Philip Mortstedt, Dillet Davis, Vincent Beauvarlet, Tim Forderer and Tropical Shipping.
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